The Hackathon Returns!

When it comes to creating mobile games, there are not many things more rewarding than a Hackathon. There’s a buzz in the air, a collective sense of anticipation, which permeates the workplace. It’s one of those special opportunities to connect with colleagues from across the studio and collectively let your creative juices flow.

Due to the nature of our daily work we don’t really have the chance to connect, across multiple functions, on a singular project that is conceptualized, developed, and brought to life within a matter of hours. There’s certainly something to be said for that instant satisfaction that is shared amongst all involved.

Hackathon - Image 1
The studio begins to assemble for the presentations

Last week marked our latest opportunity to put our daily work aside and come together to hack away at a singular task – new game modes or features for Pool Live Tour 2! With the game currently in soft launch, it seemed the perfect opportunity to try some new ideas and see if any could make their way to the global release.

Let’s delay it no longer! Have a look at some of the great ideas to come out of the Pool Live Tour 2 Hackathon and be sure to leave your thoughts on our Facebook page:

  • Killer Mode: A take on a pool hall favorite from the UK, which has players take turns trying to sink any one ball on the table in a very short amount of time. Players square off against 2-5 other players and each time you miss a shot you lose a life. All players have 2 lives and the last player standing wins.
  • Drunken Carom: Who doesn’t like a nice cold beer when they’re enjoying some pool with friends? This mode shows you the dire consequences of enjoying TOO MANY of those refreshing drinks as the table starts to get fuzzy and spin. The effects get worse with every passing shot as each time you take a shot you gulp down another beer!
  • Last Man Standing: This mode has 3 players facing off with each player trying to sink the other players balls, while protecting their own. Each player has five of their own colored balls and the last person standing wins.
  • Avatar Powers: What if the Pool Live Tour 2 avatars had powers that directly affected your game? Maybe some extra power at a particular time… or perhaps striking fear into your opponent lowering their stats. Now whether or not something like this would make it into the game remains to be seen, but all were impressed with the creativity and inspired ideas on display.
  • Darts Mini-game: Right now Pool Live Tour 2 is ripe for a new mini-game to accompany the roulette wheel. One team set out to develop a second mini-game and came up with an awesome version of darts. The creation of a version of classic darts was great, but what really set this apart was the addition of a flashy version where you have to progress through 5 rounds with each round assigning a new target. It’s all good until Round 4 when those targets start moving ;)
Hackathon - Darts mini-game
The Darts mini-game in action

Beyond those few were some more awesome ideas that, like those mentioned above, will either come to fruition or, at the very least, go a long way to helping inspire our team moving forward. Congratulations to all involved and we simply can’t wait until the next Hackathon takes over the studio ;)

Here are a few pictures from the event:

Hackathon - Image 2
The closest we’ll get to enjoying beer at work ;)

Hackathon - Image 3
Collaborating over Killer Pool

Hackathon - Image 4
One of the many great presentations

Hackathon - Image 5
Milos explaining his new idea to the crowd