Smashing Four now released globally


The day has finally come! We are proud to announce that Smashing Four, our newest game, is now available worldwide!

The entire Smashing Four team has worked hard to bring the game to this stage, where we can finally step out of the geo-beta and open it up for players from all around the world. But it is not just our team who had a hand in developing this project from its humble beginnings. From the very early stages of the game, we have been lucky to have a dedicated and enthusiastic community of players around us. Since day one, their comments, ratings and suggestions were extremely helpful and motivating.

That being said, despite how far we’ve come on this project, we are just getting started on the road to our ultimate goal – to provide the best and most enjoyable PvP multiplayer experience! But, we can’t reach that goal without the continued help of the awesome community members around this game, old and new alike. So, as we continue to update and improve the game with new features, we hope you keep the comments coming!

Now onto the good stuff, here are some of the updates you can expect during the first few weeks of our world-wide launch:

- Many, many more players to battle with!
- Increased number of clan members, more card requests
- 2 new heroes
- Brand new seasonal contests and rewards
… later on we will follow up with clan rewards, new game modes, Arenas, Heroes and even more!

Do you have something you want to share with us? Some suggestions, comments or feedback? Join the conversation on our subreddit here: or on our Facebook fan page here: because we just love to hear from you!