Smashing Four: Community Notes #9

It never stops here at Smashing Four HQ. We made some changes to our brand new Arena, we carried on working on the UI redesign and we revealed the first hero to receive a redesign. On top off that, we managed to get ourselves over to Games Access 2018 in Brno to meet some of our heroes.

Frozen Lake Balanced

On Thursday we shipped out balance changes for the latest Arena, Frozen Lake. Based on players’ feedback and after analyzing the game data, we decided to make the snow patch slightly smaller and reduce the s l o w d o w n effect. We believe that this change will make the gameplay swifter while keeping the strategy element in place.

UI Redesign

We were very happy to hear your feedback from the sneak peak of the planned menu redesign we shared last week which we envisage should arrive at the end of June. Some of you were asking about the music, and yes, it may sound a bit too medieval with the new design, but honestly, it is quite difficult to compose anything different if your studio is based in a city like this.

Clan Replays

We do receive a number of questions about battle replays, typically, if players will be able to share the whole battle or just a highlights. We admit that this is going to be subject to a lot of experimenting and prototyping since replays in turn based games are quite tricky. In any case, we should start working on it this summer.

Hero Abilities Redesign

In one of our previous posts we mentioned our intention to look at heroes from early stages of the game and make their abilities a little more impactful and easier to understand. We will share concrete details about heroes affected later on, but yes, Priest is going to be one of them, especially when considering his very low usage rate. In response to some feedback about Knight, we aren’t planning any changes to Knight at the moment, since currently his stats seem to compensate for his simple ability.

Pulling a Fast One

See what we did there? So this week, we’ll take a look at a Hero with one of the more unique abilities, Banshee. Enchanting heroes with a speed boost, if used wisely can be potentially devastating. Let’s have a quick look at her. Till next week folks.

Total no. 66241 | Daily Usage: 6054 | Average Level: 4 | Highest Level: 12