Smashing Four: Community Notes #7


Hey guys, it’s been a busy old week here at Smashing Four. We rolled out our biggest update yet with a brand new Arena and Hero, we attended the Czech Game Awards ‘18, put out another update, dealt with some GDPR stuff, and capped off the week with a company viewing of Ready Player One. Phew! Catch up on some of the finer moments below.

Ice, Ice Baby!
On Monday we introduced the new ‘Frozen Lake’ Arena featuring Yeti and we were and are very happy to hear your feedback! While most players are enjoying the new arena we are also aware of the feedback about the snow patch making battles longer. So far, the increase in the length of a battle is similar to an increase visible when a player explores a new arena.

This week we also released a small update (1.2.1) which addresses a bug in the GDPR compliance dialogue as well as addressing an issue causing an incorrect card balance to be displayed with card requests for heroes players haven’t unlocked yet.

Season Rewards
Another issue at the beginning of the week was related to Season rewards when we accidentally distributed old rewards containing less Cards and Gold. Correct rewards were distributed within 24 hours and we applied steps to prevent this error from happening again.

Season Arena Variability
Some players were suggesting to rotate all Arenas at the top to ensure variability. We are actually thinking something similar – having a Seasonal Arena which changes over time. This is a work in progress and we will share more details once the time comes.

Requested Clan Features
Lots of players are suggesting new features for clans such as spectate mode, replays, clan quests etc. We have a few interesting things planned for the future and we hope we will be able to deliver them to our audience, since we really, really want to see them in the game.

XXXL Stats
This week we’re having a quick look at one of our original, larger than life heroes, The Giant. Asides from smashing, his pastimes include…well, yeah, he just smashes.


Total no.: 106,879 | Daily Usage: 23,768 | Average Level: 3.6 | Highest Level: 12

Stay tuned for more!