Smashing Four: Community Notes #5


The waiting is over, we’re back and better than ever, bringing you all the latest gossip and exclusive news from backstage at Smashing Four. The week was a busy one as per, with all hands on deck as we prepare for the new heroes and arena. We also had some server issues in the southern hemisphere and have stats on Mr. Popular.

Early this week, we experienced service disruptions affecting some players in South America. For any players who did experience issues, we are very sorry. We identified the cause of the problem and applied necessary changes so our infrastructure is scaled appropriately to our growing audience.

New Hero Update
Last week, we presented you with early sketches of the newest Heroes that will arrive soon with the new Arena. We plan to release the Yeti with the Arena later this month. Not much is known about this mysterious beast, however, we spotted him a few times hiding behind a frozen waterfall, and this one time he was spotted snowballing down an icy crevasse. We suggest, that whilst he may certainly look cute, approach him with caution. Take a look at the beast’s development if you dare.

Season Reset
As you may already know, at the start of every Season, all players are currently reset to 2000 trophies. As a result, players who barely made it to 2000 trophies can be matched with players from the top of the leaderboard. While some players might be honored, others might describe their experience as ‘a little bit frustrating’. Therefore, at the start of the next Season, players’ trophies will be reset based on the reward they achieved in the previous Season. We believe this step will reduce the number of matches where players could feel a little ‘mismatched’.

Hero Levels in Friendly Battles
When you play a friendly battle, all heroes are currently leveled based on their rarity: Common 5, Rare 3 and Epic 1. We are now considering increasing these levels to: Common 9, Rare 5 and Epic 3 to address the differences between heroes from different arenas, and hopefully add a bit of balance to the gameplay.

img_card_paladinTime for some healing stats
We were recently accused of focusing too much on our destructive heroes, so we decided to have a look at a healing character this week, Paladin. So, speaking of Paladin, how popular is he?

Well, appearing right from the first Arena, he is actually one of our most popular heroes and as Homer once told Bart, “Being popular is the most important thing in the world!”. We don’t agree completely with Homer, but we doubt our hero is complaining.
Daily Usage: 30,022 | Average Level: 4 | Highest Level: 11