Smashing Four: Community Notes #3


Wow, what a busy week! We rolled out a new version of the game, we did a huge balance update and the world finally saw the launch of our newest hero. We’re also busy working on new features for the game. Read on to find out more!

Addressing the Balance
Based on detailed data analysis and feedback from the community we rolled out an important Balance Update that increases overall rewards. We believe that in game activity should be rewarded more. Full details can be found on our . We’ll be sure to update you on feedback and reaction to this in the coming weeks.

We released the long awaited Rocketeer and we are very excited to see people experimenting with his unique abilities and searching for the best strategy. Check him out below.

Are we making ourselves clear?
We kept receiving feedback from the Community that hero abilities were difficult to read and sometimes hard to understand. We updated the ability descriptions with a more user friendly format.

Up Next
We are fully engaged in finalising the new arena which is planned for the upcoming May release. Here is a little preview for you. Wearing thermal underwear during battles is recommended!

frozen lake

Stay tuned for more!