Smashing Four: Community Notes #2


It’s been another busy week at Smashing Four HQ. We’ve got a bunch of news on our newest hero, a huge balance update, some design issues we’ve run into and a bunch of interesting stats on our favourite brain-eating member of the undead.

Upcoming Balance Update
Based on long term analysis and the overall feedback of the community we prepared some interesting balance changes. We believe that engagement and activity should be rewarded a bit more. A Balance Update reflecting this will come into effect on 26th April.

Explosive New Hero
As mentioned in our last update, we were expecting a new Hero to join the ranks next week. The truth is we are still polishing minor details, but this shouldn’t stop us from delivering this new fella as planned. He’s got a very unique ability and we can’t wait to see him in action!

Orb Management
A few members from the Smashing Four Community have been commenting on the ability to manage your orbs better, namely, the ability to remove or discard an orb. We don’t plan on introducing these suggestions as we believe that the current system allows for good time management by combining suitable unlock times you can manage your day around. However, we have one change planned for Orb management and we will share details with you here very soon.

Starting player (dis)advantage
We’ve were discussing the advantage of being the starting player. Currently, the second player is compensated with +30% damage increase for their Hero who is on turn. One suggestion we considered was to implement a damage decrease for the starting player. The reason behind this is to minimize scenarios when the starting player eliminates the enemy Hero in their first turn. We will be looking at this more, but were wondering what your thoughts are on this? Leave us your suggestions on our Facebook or Reddit pages.

Finally… I chews you
Today we’d like to share some information about one of our most divisive Heroes…Zombie.
Zombie is indeed currently the most popular Hero in Arena 5, however, contrary to rumours she is overpowered, her win ratio is actually pretty average. In Arena 6, her win ratio is even lower. In Arena 5, the average Zombie is on level 5, while the highest is 11 (11 takes some dead-ication!).


Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes info!