Smashing Four: Community Notes #15


Vive la France! Congratulations to all our French readers still revelling in World Cup glory. For the rest of us, it’s back to reality, and that means more Smashing Four than ever, which is always a good thing.

Google It
Earlier in the week, the Google Play Store experienced some issues whereby players were not receiving their items that they’d purchased in our Shop. After Googling the issue, they replied to us to let us know that any players affected by this will be contacted by them and a refund issued. If you’re still having issues please drop them a line or message us and we can advise.

Spitting Fire
The release of 1.2.3 was successfully rolled out without too many hitches. We experienced one issue though. Drakeling’s fireball refused to properly explode and it kept getting stuck next to the heroes instead! Big thanks goes to those Smashing Four players who helped us find the issue promptly! A fix will be coming with the next update.

New UI Update
We know you guys are eagerly awaiting its arrival, and we have literally been burning the midnight oil to get this ready for you. We’re still looking good for a rollout next month, and will keep you afloat as this progresses.

Early Insights – Hero Redesigns
img_card_berserkerWe have of course been listening very closely to your feedback about the Hero redesigns, and thought we’d give you guys a peek at our early findings. The Priest’s new (totally badass) ability has resonated with players; his usage and win-rate went up. Players had been asking about him for a while, so we’re happy to see this initial reaction.

The biggest concern from players was about Berserker being weakened and yes, he is ever so slightly weaker, but we felt that he was a bit too powerful previously. We should note our early data shows his win-rate has gone up since the change and this trend continued all week.
Bear in mind, these are very early insights. Once we have more data and some worthwhile details on Treant we will report back!

Sacrilicious Stats
This week we’re looking at Druid. Why? Well why not. We do rather love his ability and he’s got the whole Generation X look going on.

Total no.: 65,643 | Daily Usage: 51,897 | Average Level: 2 | Highest Level: 10