Smashing Four: Community Notes #14

What a week! Serena lost Wimbledon! Croatia lost the World Cup! Oh yeah, and we were pretty tied up working on Smashing Four, so we missed all these “moments” – read on to find out what we were up to!

Seeing Double
Some players have reported the odd instance whereby the heroes double up in the Arena. This can result in a rather confusing and somewhat crowded Arena. We have identified the issue and this will be gone with the new UI launch next month.

1..2..3… Go!
We’ve talked about it for a while, version 1.2.3. is live and ready for download. Full details can be found here!

Missing Links
Unfortunately we did encounter some server issues earlier this week which were quickly resolved. We do apologize to any players affected by this, most of all our English & Belgian players, who are probably inconsolable right now.

Match Making
We hear ya! We have listened to feedback from our Community as well looking at our own data and decided to slightly lower the trophy ranges across all Arenas as part of our new update 1.2.3. Let us know if you notice the changes and how it affects your experience via our Reddit Page or Facebook.

Let’s take one last look at Priest before his ability changes next week. Admittedly, not the most popular with players, we will of course revisit him in a few weeks to see if the changes resonated with Smashers.
Total no.: 60,012 | Daily Usage: 3,861 | Average Level: 2 | Highest Level: 10