Smashing Four: Community Notes #13

Another week bites the dust, and all the moments we lost like tears in rain were merely a stop gap until this one moment that will be immortalised on the internet forever – the Community Notes #13! We’ve got a meaty one for you guys today, new updates, new heroes, explosive moments and a look at our favourite member of the undead.

Bombs Away
Ever played with the Robot in your deck against another Robot? It can become a little bit messy at times distinguishing who dropped which bomb, and for the more tactically astute players, it can affect their next move. So from the next version, enemy bombs will now have a red ribbon to differentiate it from your own bombs. The devil is in the detail.

Ability Redesign
OK, we’ve mentioned this for a few weeks, and there have been some nervous players ever since we mentioned the Assassin. Well, huge news, this will start rolling out next week! And we can finally reveal the redesigns. With Assassin… relax guys… the enhancement will be visual. There has been some confusion in the past with his ability, and we don’t want to touch his ability, we just want to make a clear distinction when it is active and when it is not. With Treant, instead of gaining damage, Treant now gives a damage boost to all friendly heroes who touch him. Turning to our favourite pigeon hating Warrior, the Berserker will have two states whereby there is No damage bonus when his health is above 50% and whenever his health falls below 50% he does a great deal more damage. Lastly, the big one, Priest, we think you are going love the redesign, which doesn’t overhaul him, but certainly enhances his ability to make him just that little bit extra EPIC. Priest can now heal all friendly heroes in the arena except himself. This will happen at the end of your turn. We would like to thank the community for their input with the Hero redesigns.

Frost Fox
This fella is rolling out next week too! Goodness what a treat. We still have no idea to the world’s most puzzling question, What does the fox say(?), but we can give you one final sneak peek before his arrival.


Summer Video Contest
The contest is off to a great start with a few early entries. Guys, if you fancy yourself as the next big YouTuber, or have some great footage, enter! And if you haven’t, use the power of Reddit to vote for your favourites. Check the thread here.

Zombie II
We’ve covered her before, but let’s check her out post nerf. Does her green hue still linger? Does she still haunt your dreams?
Total no.: 99378 | Daily Usage: 23973 | Average Level: 5 | Highest Level: 13