Smashing Four: Community Notes #11

A whirlwind week once again as the new UI remains our main focus. We’re very excited about it, but it hasn’t been without its challenges. Furthermore, we have some exciting plans for the Smashing Four Community this summer, a balance update going live tomorrow and some stats on our favourite metal man. Read on for the full picture.

Brazil Bugs

Earlier this week we experienced some service disruptions affecting players in South America. The rumour is the disruptions were caused by the whole continent coming to a complete standstill while watching the World Cup in Russia. In any case, we are very sorry for the difficulties experienced by some of our players.

New UI progress

Last week, we ran into some unforeseen difficulties with our latest update featuring a brand new UI. Due to these we decided to postpone the update to early August. Nevertheless, we’ll be releasing an update featuring a quartet of Heroes from the early stage of the game with their abilities made a little more attractive and more understandable. Also, a brand new Hero will be introduced. You can expect this update in mid July.

Challenge Mode

Players have been asking about an alternative mode to the main rank matches and the good news is that this is something we will definitely launch in the next big update coming out in late summer.

Community Contest

One of the main questions we get asked is about tournaments. This summer we will indeed be trialing some small tournaments locally. Should these go off without a hitch, players can expect much bigger tournaments in the near future.

Summer Video Contest

Very soon we’ll be announcing a tasty looking Summer Video Contest. We’ll be asking our players, streamers and budding filmmakers alike to send us their best Smashing Four videos for a chance to grab some lovely prizes. Full details & how to enter will be announced very soon via Reddit, in-game and Facebook.

Upcoming Balance Update

Tomorrow we will introduce a new balance update and you can look forward to some interesting changes. Full details can be found here.

As the Knight draws near…

The original and best iron man, our Knight, is unsurprisingly rather popular with smashers. Take a hike Tony Stark.

Total no.: 168,963 | Daily Usage: 164,024| Average Level: 3 | Highest Level: 15