Smashing Four: Community Notes #10


Off to the races we go! Last week sped by, quite literally at times. After another busy week at Smashing Four HQ where we made further progress with the new UI, worked further on our newest Hero & worked further with our community to help shape some future changes. And after many relentless busy few months of work, we let off some steam on the race track. Read on to find out more.

New UI – Status Update
In the last couple of weeks we’ve been sharing details of our latest update we currently work on, featuring redesigned UI and new heroes. We planned to release the new update in last week of June, however, something that is rather common in the games development happened and we’ve experienced some unpleasant difficulties, leading to delays. We hope we will be able to ship everything out by mid-July.

Second Player Compensation
In a turn based game, starting first might be a great advantage. To make the Smashing Four battles fair, we compensated the second player with +30% damage boost on the active hero on their first turn. After collecting data and community feedback we discussed the possibility of improving these mechanics and came to the conclusion that it might be more effective to reduce the damage dealt on the starting player’s turn. We are now considering adding this feature to the upcoming version.

Frost Fox
In our last Community Notes we teased you with some early sketches of a beautiful new hero coming to the Frozen Lake – Frost Fox. Well, she’s another reason to look forward to the new version as she’s coming with it! We don’t want to reveal all the details just yet, but we can tell you one thing – her ability will be triggered by enchants.

Some of our players are experiencing their timer getting stuck at zero whilst their opponent continues to play. We are aware of these reports and we are currently collecting data in cooperation with our community management team to investigate a hypothesis for this issue and hope to share some progress soon.

Randomised Deck
Every now and then we get a question about the hero order in your deck – why is it randomised? Smashing Four is a card collectible game and as such it uses certain card game mechanics, one of which is randomising your deck. The reason behind this is to ensure the necessary level of game variability. We must tell you we tested the other way too – letting players choose the hero order in their decks, but the current version proved itself to be much more fun.

Speed Demon
We all need to let off some steam once in a while, and what better way than Go Karting! Whilst we didn’t quite reach Goblin speeds, there were quite a few wall bounces…

Talking about the Goblin….

Something Goblin, Something Blue…

… Let’s learn something new about something old today as we’re going to take a look at the first ever hero created – Goblin. His devotion to hitting walls is quite admirable, don’t you think?

Total no.: 98,571 | Daily Usage: 100,383 | Average Level: 7.98 | Highest Level: 15