Smashing Four: Community Notes #1

We decided it was time to start a blog to let you guys know what’s happening in the world of Smashing Four! Every week, we’ll speak to different teams, let you guys know some issues they’ve been dealing with as well as how we deal with feedback from players.


So, it’s been a smashing couple of weeks at S4 HQ. We launched a brand new feature Seasons, had a Balance Update go live, introduced a spectral hero Wraith to the world & fixed a bunch of bugs.

Bug Control
We are aware of an issue affecting a small group of players, whereby their orb opening animation is not displayed. This can happen for a bunch of reasons i.e. the game being put into the background, an incoming phone call, low battery etc. The dev team are currently working on a fix to ensure that players will see the contents of the orb regardless. We doubt we can fix every case of this happening, but we will certainly try to. Aside from that, there have been, touch wood, no critical bugs in the latest edition of the game.

Trophy Hunt
The first Season has successfully finished and we’ve seen a first season trophy reset. We are aware of a potentially frustrating game experience on day 1 after a reset where players may be paired with those from the top of the leaderboard. The good news is that the overall number of players in leaderboards are increasing and we will be able to introduce a tier system in our May update, leading to more balanced matchmaking at the start of a new season.

Balancing Act
Many players were wondering what is taken into account when we design Balance Updates. As well as player feedback and our personal game experience, we primarily look at game data, namely at the usage rate and win ratio of individual Heroes and Squads. Balancing gameplay is a crucial part of video games nowadays, and we all remember some very overpowered characters playing video games as a kid, Akuma, Street Fighter, anyone?

Looking ahead
We are currently finalizing a new Hero. His ability and overall behaviour is rather unique and we spent much more time on the development than we’d originally planned to :) But hey, we hope it’ll be worth it! We should see within 2 weeks when he joins the show.

In the meantime, let’s take a sneak peek at Rocketeer:

Another important thing we are currently looking into is the speed of progress in later stages of the game. Based on our first analysis we identified a few areas that were calling for improvement. We are currently searching for the best balance between the engagement and progress and we believe we might see some changes by the end of the month.

Wraith was of course released a couple of week’s back. The following might make interesting reading, if statistics are your thing:

Stay in touch for more updates!