Pool Live Tour: Champions is now live Worldwide!


It’s been a pretty busy couple of months, but now that we are finally here we couldn’t be more excited to share the news with you! The newest addition to our beloved Pool Live Tour family is no longer in beta and has now been fully released to the excitement of Pool fans worldwide.

Pool Live Tour: Champions’ focus is to create a live, realistic and rewarding gaming experience with strong social and competitive elements. These are represented by the opportunity to join and create teams, as well as a sophisticated, fair system of ranking.

“PLT: Champions is the first pool mobile game to function like an eSports game. You and your team must constantly compete to prove you’re the best. We’re finally going to find a Champion of online Pool!” – Štěpán, PLT: Champions Developer


The best thing about Pool Live Tour: Champions is that there are now 8 different Arenas you can advance through that will pit you against the best players out there, all competing for a chance to prove to the world that they’re #1.

Make sure to keep your skills sharp, as Trophies are both won and lost depending on how well you play. And if you need a break or a chance to hone those skills, play a friendly match or two at the Club or head over to the Casino to win a bit of coins and cash and buy yourself a well-deserved reward in our Shop.


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Pool Live Tour: Champions is now available on Android and iOS devices, download below and wait for us to see you on the other side of the table!