Looking back at Geewa in 2018


As 2018 is coming to an end, the time has come to stop for a second and look back at all we’ve done these past twelve months!

2018 was a great one for Geewa. We successfully launched our mobile hit game Smashing Four, found some amazing new Geewanians, started work on a brand new game, gave speeches at the biggest Czech game conferences and even sponsored the oldest game dev conference in Prague earlier this month.

Smashing Four

Smashing Four is a game we built upon the foundations of our experience with pool games. Using our very own pool physics and pushing it to another level we created something original; a game with heroes, powerful abilities and challenging arenas, where strategy and luck meet in just about the right amounts to provide a great player experience.

Smashing Four quickly became our top performing game since its worldwide release in February 2018, being featured in Google Play and the App Store multiple times. We even found ourselves among the 250 top grossing games in the USA. Our next milestone was conquered in August when we reached 1 million dollars in monthly revenue.

And wow how the game has grown! This year players were treated to new heroes, new game modes such as Challenges and Seasons, we even managed personalised offers for our players! We also managed to overhaul the UI completely in order to keep the game features growing long term. And we were very proud to offer a very special arena for our top players that changes every two weeks. We can’t squeeze in all the changes here, but the game and experience has completely evolved over the year.


Then in September we tried something new again, and this time we went for a live tournament in our very own hometown, Prague. Exceeding our wildest expectations, we welcomed amazing 69 players, joined by their friends and families, to experience something we could call a family eSport event, that helped us in setting up an eSport route for Smashing Four. With many plans for 2019 we hope that great things are yet to come!

Cooking up some Pudding

With Smashing Four successfully released, though still being developed with many features in our game designers’ minds for the upcoming year, we started on another project, a game we internally call Pudding! The team working on the new title are now proudly in the stage of having a playable prototype and collecting data from the first players who joined us in our studio for some intense playtesting. There is a lot of juicy news coming from the Pudding team next year, stay tuned so you don’t miss out!


The year 2018 was a good one for Geewa but we see it as a beginning. Making games is a challenge and if you’d like to take up the challenge, check out our Jobs sections since we’re always looking for heroes to join us on our journey to making the best mobile games! We would also love to thank our awesome players for their support and their feedback, because we care about it and value it deeply.

Last but not the least, and a very important thing too – we wish you an awesome New Year. See you in 2019!