Working at Geewa

Geewa loves games
And you will love working at Geewa! We are driven by creating games that bring together millions of players coming from literally every corner of the World as we reach over 200 countries. Our games function as a service rather than a product and we constantly iterate on them to improve the players’ experience.
Geewa has a unique goal
We believe that by creating casual competitive multiplayer games we can bring fun and challenging experiences to our players. All of our games are real-time and foster a connection between players from every corner of the World.
Geewa has a great team
Geewa is proud to employ many great professionals and enthusiasts with extensive experience in the gaming industry. We may be different but the one thing we all share is a love of games.
Geewa values its people
Our mission is to create an informal, transparent, motivated, creative and playful atmosphere. We let our people grow and constantly improve at Geewa.
Geewa provides cutting edge technologies
We invest to make the best technologies available at Geewa. Keeping up with technological progress is as important as ever and we provide whatever tools are needed to succeed.
Geewa fosters transparency, responsibility and freedom
We use smart tools that help us to be transparent. Regular satisfaction surveys and feedback meetings are important to get a clear idea about how our employees feel, what they need and require to perform better.
Geewa offers great benefits
We offer a really wide scope of benefits! See the detailed listing here.
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Office tour

  • Geewa logo entry
    Welcome to Geewa!
  • Entrance
    Welcome to Geewa! This is the entrance area where you can see a glimpse of the large open area that we sit in. Notice the black walls – they are actually blackboards that everyone can draw on!
  • kantyna_uni
    The kitchen serves many side purposes: it is a favourite place for impromptu chats with colleagues during the day and, of course, more fun with the blackboard-walls.
  • ovozel
    Refreshments and healthy snacks are freely available for all Geewanians. Enjoy some fresh fruit and vegetables and a nice cup of coffee, tea, or juice.
  • ovozel
    Refreshments and healthy snacks are freely available for all Geewanians. Enjoy some fresh fruit and vegetables and a nice cup of coffee, tea, or juice.
  • Painting wall
    Jamil, one of the Pool Live Tour artists, is drawing the “main characters”, numbered pool balls :)
  • cintiq_jam
    … Jamil draws a new cue for our PLT game!
  • coop gyus
    Everything goes easier when you put a smile on your face – even if it concerns explaining the mysteries of the new version of our PLT-Champions game…
  • coop gyus
    Everything gets easier and funnier when CEO brings us some delicious popsicles in hot summer.
  • coop gyus
    …never gets boring to play our games! Or to test?
  • coop gyus
    Miloš (CEO) gets excited to see good results of our games.
  • coop gyus
    Our office is open to our employees’ dog friends.
  • coop gyus
    Even Miloš, our CEO, loves four-legged buddies.
  • Panorama_upr
    We have moved to our new office space in February 2013. The architects came up with an idea that we loved – to reuse europallets and make fancy new tables out of them. Just another fun little touch at Geewa :)


Besides competitive pay, our employees can expect a total benefits
and compensation package that includes the following:

Referral bonuses
There is no better source of new employees than personal referrals. Refer a new Geewanian and you will be rewarded not once, but twice! First part of the referral bonus will be paid to you when the new employee and the second part when gets through the 3-month probation period.
Vacation & Sick days
We provide our employees with 25 days off per year. We have also sick days in amount of 5 days per year. 
Fantastic open office space
You will love working at our completely new furnished office. Curious? Take a look at the office tour.
Meal vouchers for employees
We contribute 55% to meal vouchers for every Geewa employee, each working day.
Regular team offsite events
We hold regular company events like the Christmas Party, Creative Thursdays dedicated to a new theme each time or the Summer Party.
Free fruits and veggies
You will love our everyday delivered fresh fruits and vegetables. Check out the pictures in our office tour!
Free tea and coffee (of course) 
This has become something of a staple among tech and games companies. You will be able to satisfy your caffeine needs at Geewa with our state-of-the-art coffee machine and a selection of teas.
Free bookstore
You have the freedom to order any books or media you need for your work.
Health benefits
We support our employees with vitamin packages during wintertime.
Sport activities
Geewa supports and actively endorses any sports activities and we organize our in-house tournaments. Geewanians like to play soccer, badminton, squash and of course pool and snooker!
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Hiring Process

The hiring process can be difficult and challenging, but time invested into careful hiring saves time
in the long run. At Geewa, we search for the suitable people who will fit with our Geewa culture,
bring great performance and enjoy being part of our unfolding story.

What do we believe in and what are our priorities?

  1. 1Impact
  2. 2Ambition
  3. 3Courage
  4. 4Passion
  5. 5Openness
  • Performing actions that have a strong direct positive impact on colleagues and our services
  • Communicating concisely and effectively on the best available channels
  • Having a strong bias to get things done rather than analysis-paralysis
  • Being reliable for one’s colleagues
  • Making oneself accountable and strive to over-deliver on what one is accountable for
  • Always being able to clearly articulate what one’s milestones and objectives are and how one is getting there
  • Being hungry for progress
  • Being curious to fully understand our services, strategy, market and customers
  • Striving to find and solve root causes, not symptoms
  • Aching to learn (by media / mentors / trial and error)
  • Challenging the existing ways
  • Being self-confident
  • Taking risks, not being afraid to fail
  • Questioning actions which are inconsistent with our values
  • Celebrating our achievements
  • Feeling deeply connected with our services and products
  • Encouraging and Inspiring others and promoting our values
  • Showing loyalty to Geewa
  • Wanting Geewa to succeed and always acting in the best way for Geewa
  • Understanding Geewa (and our services) from a customer point of view
  • Not saying anything about others what one would not say to their face
  • Being known for candor and directness, raising voice if one disagrees and asking when having a question
  • Admitting mistakes without delay
  • Sharing information openly and proactively
  • Wishing for ones colleagues to succeed and help them to be successful
  • Listening well independent of other peoples position
  • Thinking about our customers and ones colleagues in the first place rather than about oneself

Do you live these values?
If your answer is “YES”, you will love working at Geewa!
Find more about our open positions here.

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