“Hey Canada & Italy!” Pool Live Tour 2 Gains Steam as Geo-Beta Expands to New Countries


Pool Live Tour 2 continues on it’s path to global release with the recent addition of Canada and Italy to the list of geo-beta countries, which already included Argentina, Turkey, Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

“We know many players are excited to get their hands on Pool Live Tour 2 but this soft launch process has given us the opportunity to make the game better for the players,” said Pool Live Tour 2 Project Lead, Karel Matejka. “The game players will enjoy on Day 1 is dramatically improved over the game with set out to make months ago.”

Part of these changes was the recent overhaul of the game including a revamping of the economy and a renewed focus on multiplayer. These changes would have never occurred if it wasn’t for the analysis and feedback gathered during the first wave of the geo-beta. But now that the developmental features are getting cemented, the focus shifts to polishing the game and the administrative tasks that need to be completed before the global launch.

“At this point we’re working on cleaning up technical issues and laying the groundwork for a successful launch and beyond,” said Matejka. “This includes not only the typical bug fixes and technical hygiene, but also tinkering with the rewards, cues, and other aspects of the game. It’s also about getting into a developmental routine that will help guide us post-launch.”

Beyond the game, we’re also expanding our community presence with the inclusion of an Italian fan page for Pool Live Tour 2, which joins the Spanish and Turkish fan pages. Community members can expect contests, game updates, and more of the great things they’ve come to expect from the Pool Live Tour fan pages.

Are you in Italy, Canada, Argentina, Turkey, Czech Republic, or Slovakia and want to try the latest and greatest version of Pool Live Tour 2? Download it today for your iOS or Android device: