Get excited, we’re back with a new game!

Yes, that’s right! In the past couple of months we’ve been more than busy developing something fresh, something new. Now the time has come to remove the veil…

Most of you know Geewa because of our successful pool games, developed and improved over many years. Now, we’ve taken that experience and our mastery of pool physics and applied it to a new and innovative game! Are you wondering how? Let me introduce Smashing Four, a turn-based strategy game that uses the physics of pool to pit heroes against heroes in a slinging and bashing fight fest set inside fun arenas.

It is a powerful PvP multiplayer game where you lead a squad of four fierce heroes into battle against another player in one of many challenging arenas. These little fighters come in all shapes and sizes – from a medieval knight to a sorceress from a fantasy forest to a skeleton that just keeps rising from the dead. It won’t be easy to pick only four of them for your deck but be sure there’s something for everyone!

The game is now in the geo-beta stage with an official release scheduled for the end of September. Get your smartphones ready because this is a game you just won’t stop playing!

Stay in touch for more news about Smashing Four!