Geewa @ Game Access 2016

Members of the Geewa team recently headed out of the office to take part in the Game Access conference in Brno, Czech Republic. For the uninitiated, the Game Access conference is an international gaming summit where game developers come together to meet, try new games, and share valuable insight on game development. For us, this was an ideal opportunity to connect with others in the local gaming community and gather some new perspectives on the developmental process.

One such game development topic, “Players vs KPIs”, was given by our very own founder, Milos Endrle. The presentation focused on how developers can improve particular aspects of their game by focusing on the player experience. More specifically, Milos talked about the process of tracking and analyzing specific events and actions a player encounters and best practices of how to use that information, coupled with aggregate data, to identify opportunities to improve the game.


“It was a fun and enlightening experience… it’s nice to get inspired and get a closer look at what else is out there.”

These presentations, given by many noted people in the gaming industry, were some of the highlights of the conference. They focused on some great game development topics such as the benefits of using in-house game engines (Marek Rosa), usage of narrative design (Greg Louden), and music composition for game trailers (Jaroslav Beck). Going even further, the greatest opportunity laid outside the presentation hall, when we had an opportunity to personally speak with the presenters and pick their brains about the content of their presentations and related topics.

It was that chance to meet other developers and connect, which really made this trip a boon to all parties involved. Additionally, we also had a chance to try out some of their games. “It was a fun and enlightening experience,” stated Ondrej Nahalka, Senior QA Specialist at Geewa. “You spend your workdays working on the same IPs for an extended period of time so it’s nice to get inspired and get a closer look at what else is out there and learn a bit while you’re at it.”


Part of the process of trying out the games was selecting some of the standouts in a variety of categories. Some of our favorites, Chameleon Run and Planet Nomads, went on to win Best Gameplay and People’s Choice, respectively. Look forward to their eventual releases, as we’re patiently looking forward to next year’s Game Access!

Thanks to all involved and see you next time!