Tile On

A fresh new picture puzzle game for all the family!

  • Competitive:Play against your friends or beat your own best time!
  • Pick your Album:Enjoy themed Albums such as Nature or Travel
  • Fast Fun:Superfast matches will keep you on your toes
  • Launch:Summer 2014
  • Platforms:iPhone (iPad, Android – planned)

Not your typical puzzle

You might think you have seen them all and we will forgive you for thinking so. How can you innovate on a puzzle game, right? We found a way – make it a competitive multiplayer experience! In Tile On, your goal is to put the scrambled pieces back together. Simple enough, so how about doing it all under pressure from a fellow puzzler? Each round is played against a real person or you can practice your moves and get ready for the real deal by playing against your past scores!

Check out the dedicated site for Tile On

Picture Perfect

Tile On will keep you captivated not just by its original take on the puzzle genre, but also thanks to Albums. What are they? Aside from the basic set of pictures made up of a wide range of themes, you can also get our carefully curated Albums! They span such themes as Nature, Travel, Art and more. New theme packs are added regularly to keep the selection fresh.

Be the Best

Tile On is a unique multiplayer puzzle experience. Naturally, we want to let the community thrive and let each player know how they stand among the Tile On crowd. Improve your time by that elusive fraction of a second and rise in the worldwide Tile On leaderboards! Compare yourself to your Facebook friends. Collect Albums and get trophies for completing them.

Tile On is set for a launch in Summer 2014 on the App Store.