Pool Live Tour

A casual synchronous browser & mobile game with amazingly realistic gameplay.

  • Languages:Czech, English, German, Arabic, Polish, Indonesian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Serbian, Turkish
  • Demographic:75% male, 18-24 years
  • DAU:2.500.000
  • Customer lifetime:over 5 months
  • Average Session:over 30 minutes
  • Platforms:Facebook, iOS, Android

Pool Live Tour is the most popular pool game on Facebook with more than 2.5 million players daily. The objective of the game is to win matches thereby collecting Pool Coins which unlock new and exciting levels. As you work your way to the top, each level brings higher stakes and more challenge! Now you can enjoy competitive matches across platforms as Pool Live Tour is available on iPhone, iPad and Android!

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What makes Pool Live Tour so popular?

The great popularity of Pool Live Tour is due to a number of factors. First, the game physics such as spin, power and ball movement, have been perfected to an unmatched level of realism. Second, the game is intuitively easy to play as a guide provides a non-intrusive tutorial to help you in case you get stuck. Finally, the beautiful graphics and fun storyline add depth and colour that are guaranteed to keep you playing!

Players can also enjoy the competitive motivation to move through the levels, winning and sharing Trophies for their best shots and the ability to buy different cues from the Cue Shop. And, if you really want to challenge yourself, why not try going all the way to the last level without any “aiming assistance” switched on!

Different game modes such as variations on the standard 8 ball rules, 9 ball pool, Weekly Leagues etc. keep the game interesting for experienced players and newbies alike. For this reason the average user lifetime of the game stretches into many months.

Pool Live Tour now enjoys an official partnership with World Snooker Association and presents a World Snooker branded snooker level called the World Snooker Club. The new level is home to seven of the world`s top players. The young and wildly popular reigning World #1, Judd Trump, also takes the role of the host as he guides the players and provides comments after they take their shots.

Unique experience on mobile devices

Pool Live Tour enters a new era with the launch of the mobile version, currently available on the App Store for supported iOS devices and on Google Play for supported Android devices. The game offers a complete cross-platform experience, making sure that players on desktop and mobile can compete flawlessly. And playing pool on mobile has never been so smooth! Power, spin, angle, it all comes naturally with the most advanced touch controls on the market. Set power and angle in fluid motion, all with the touch of one finger. Touch and add some spin to get that perfect shot.

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