Pirates Poker

A casual synchronous browser game with an engaging and unique hand-drawn storyline.

  • Languages:Czech, English
  • Demographic:75% male, 18-24 years
  • DAU:25.000
  • Average Session:over 30 minutes

A magical world

At last, first person point of view poker that lets you really “live the game”! The game gently draws you in with a beautifully drawn storyline and you can start playing in just a few steps. As you progress through the game, you gradually discover a magical world of Pirates and Poker you never knew existed.

Not your typical Texas Hold’em game

The team deliberately set out to make a different kind of Poker game – one without all those confusing pop-up boxes, without a cluttered screen full of lists, links and flashing text. One that didn’t assume the player would be a poker expert after the first hand or even before they sat down at the table. In short, we did not want the user to feel they were playing poker inside some kind of spreadsheet.

And so they decided on a set of features that led to Pirates Poker being what it is today. Aside from the humorous, clean and simple gameplay, a large amount of time was devoted to the storyline. It begins right at the tutorial and continues throughout the game, adding depth and personality to each level. And of course when it comes to in-game currency, the Pirates theme means that it can only really be called one thing: Doubloons!

Something for everyone

Just as in Pool Live Tour, the objective of the player is to progress through the game by winning enough Doubloons to unlock additional levels. At each level, the stakes get higher but players can always drop down and play in previous levels if they are not feeling so lucky. Different game modes help keep the more experienced players engaged while the crazy trophies makes it easy to share off your skills while giving players a game within the game