On Words

Think hard and play fast with On Words – the casual yet challenging word game!

  • Test yourself:Dynamic 60-second matches
  • Cross-platform:Play on your platform of choice, desktop & mobile
  • Bonus bonanza:Use clever bonuses and outwit your opponents
  • Launch:Summer 2013
  • Platforms:iPhone, iPad, Android, Facebook

Explore the power of words

We have a strong word game legacy at Geewa since Word Soccer was one of the most popular games we ever created. Now we want to bring the word game genre to the next level with the launch of “On Words”! You will have to dig deep into your vocabulary to find as many words as possible on a 4×3 random letter grid in each match, while your opponent has the same goal.

The catch? There is a 60-second limit to each round in a best-of-three match! Not only do you have to find as many words but you have to beat the clock, too. There are several bonuses to aid you on your way to victory, such as those for the longest word or the quickest cleanup of all available letters.

Casual yet challenging

Word games are an inherent part of the casual games segment but On Words is fully within the scope of a true Geewa game as well. It maintains the playful elements of a casual game and welcomes the players into an offbeat world of a cartoonish word lab with a stylized lab rat that guides players through the game. Yet On Words is also a very challenging game that will find its dedicated hardcore fans in the real-time competitive multiplayer matches.

The whole experience is packaged as fully cross-platform, players can enjoy the game seamlessly across Facebook, iPhone, iPad and Android. And the challenge is bound to last for a long time with the online leaderboards waiting to be dominated by the best wordsmiths, week after week.