Munchie Mania

  • Competitive:Realtime matches against friends or random opponents
  • Cross-platform:Play on Facebook, iPhone, and iPad
  • Customizable:Design your own Munchie
  • Controls:Swipe to create multipliers
  • Launch:2013
  • Platforms:iPhone, iPad, Facebook

Candy-munching Fun!

Munchie Mania puts you in control of your own Munchie pet as you try to eat as many “candies” before the time runs out. Swipe same-colored “candies” and accumulate extra points by utilizing multipliers and special items while you race against the clock in our “solo” single-player mode or against your friends in our “duel” multiplayer mode.

Check out the dedicated site for Munchie Mania

Realtime Multiplayer

In true Geewa fashion, Munchie Mania is a competitive multiplayer game where you can directly challenge your friends to realtime matches. You can also take on random opponents from around the world, complete daily quests, or take part in weekly tournaments with your friends. You’re not only having fun but also accumulating coins to be used to purchase more power-ups to use against your opponents.

Intuitive controls

Munchie Mania puts a new spin on a familiar puzzle/Match-3 concept by introducing a swiping mechanic for selecting your candies. This gives the game a more tactile sense of control and allows for much more fast-paced gameplay. This works especially well on touch screen devices.


Make the game your own with customization options and the usage of special items and power-ups! Want to have some more fun with your Munchie pet? Try adding a funny moustache or hat to make him wholly unique. Then take the upper-hand in a match with the usage of fun and truly troublesome power-ups!