Age of Defenders

Fight it out in real-time, cross-platform multi-player battles in this redefining Tower Defense game that has you attack as well as defend. Harvest resources, build units, and strengthen your defenses, as you perfect your strategy to ensure victory against your opponent.

  • Multiplayer:Challenge players worldwide
  • Single-player:Develop your skills with an expansive, story-driven single-player campaign
  • Multiplatform:Available on your desktop and tablet

Defend & Attack

Prepare for epic battles that are different from the typical “Tower Defense” game. No longer is there just wave after wave of enemies coming to attack your base with a predefined path and structure. You are battling against real opponents who prepare their tactics and coordinate on the fly, just like you! Attack and conquer your opponent’s base or be destroyed.

Real-time battles

Defense and offense are equally important in these fast-paced, real-time battles. Defend your base by choosing from various towers, each with specific strengths and weaknesses, and placing them on strategic points on the map. Terrain offers certain advantages that must be exploited if you’re to ensure a strong line of defense.

Go on the offense and attack your opponent by building a devastating army comprised of both land and air units. Place your factories, produce your units, and plan your path of destruction. Easy and intuitive controls give you flawless control over the path and target of your units as you advance on your opponent’s base.

Expand your tactics by upgrading your towers and units in the upgrade center. As you win you gain upgrade points to spend as you see fit. Will you opt for a quick, all-out attack with a focus on offense? Or maybe build an epic defense with fully upgraded towers? The choice and consequences are yours!


Delve into an expansive story while developing your skills in our single-player campaign, where youtake on the role of Joseph, a new Defender learning the ropes and being pushed to the limits. Enjoy this story-driven experience that introduces you to not only the story behind Age of Defenders, but also the mechanics and strategy needed to succeed in battle.

Our single-player campaign introduces new, exclusive elements that you won’t find in multi-player such as superweapons and cheats! The use of them may be essential against the tough AI, which will challenge even a seasoned veteran and prepare new players for the rigors of the multi-player experience.

Check out the trailer: