Game Dev Series: In The Beginning There Was. . . an Idea

With our latest game, Smashing Four, being successfully launched a few months ago, we at Geewa are starting to look ahead and work on a new project. We’ll be closely watching its development from the early stages of the idea being born, and follow its exciting journey from prototype to the final game. Come along for the ride with us in our newest blog charting the game’s progress.

Today we spoke to Štěpán Fiala, producer on the upcoming game, to ask him a few questions about this new adventure that is just beginning.

Štěpán, what will the new game be about?
At this time, the theme hasn’t been decided, however, the basic principles are forming. We want to stay true to the Geewa’s spirit of a game being casual, multiplayer, having intuitive controls & short game sessions, and maybe even continue working with our own pool physics, giving it another twist.

The game development is in its earliest phase, could you maybe give us any details about what is happening at this stage in the process?
Yes, the new project is in a very early stage, I am in the phase of brainstorming, gathering ideas to make sure we have the best ones to choose from. All of this happens in a small circle with 4 people in it. Furthermore, more colleagues will join the team very soon and that’s when the ideas start transforming into prototypes.


Can you tell us a little more about the ideas while not revealing too much?
Apart from having a standard 1v1 mode, we are playing around with an idea of involving other players, or maybe viewers who could take part and influence a match in a way!

Sounds great, can’t wait to see it. What will happen next?
I think the pre-production phase could start in June, with prototypes being made and tested during summer. If everything goes according to a plan, we’ll proceed with full production this autumn.

We’re excited to see more! How about you? Stay tuned for more info about the latest Geewa project!