Community Notes #17


Wow! What a huge week for Geewa and Smashing Four! Time is of the essence, so let’s just get down to business…and you can’t spell business without the letters UI.

New UI

We’ve been talking about it for a while, and the new UI redesign is here! It’s been rolled out to 20% of players with the full release on Monday. It’s been one helluva a journey and we’re all rather excited for you guys to see it and try it out. Cosmetically it looks different, but as we’ve mentioned previously, we were somewhat limited by the old UI, and it what’s under the hood that matters. The new UI means we can bring you bigger, better and fresher features and will benefit us and our players in the long run. Talking of which…

Orb Management

One of the more popular requests from the Smashing Four Community has been the ability to start unlocking another Orb without having to open the “ready” orb. Well now, with the redesign, you can finally do this, and we’re very happy we could bring this popular request to our players.

Challenging Times Ahead

As our UI brings fresh new opportunities, this week we started making headway on our first competitive mode – Challenges. We will update you as this progresses.


Where are we going with that title? Players have been requesting the ability to save and swap out decks (thankfully not faces) and this is something we are going to try and include with our Challenge Mode. Would you guys use this? What do you think about this possibility?

Summer Video Contest Update

The contest has met its mid-point and we’ve had some rather fantastic entries so far. If you haven’t, please do check out the thread and vote for your favorites. And if you do fancy yourself as the next Señor Speilbergo, then enter! Here’s a selection of entries that we feel are well worth your time -

Referencing John Cena & Michael Scott had us in fits of laughter.

Memetastic entry ft. Fortnite Kid

Wonderful animation ft. Goblin’s new haircut

We’ve had many fantastic entries and these are just a few. We’ll be showcasing more in the next few weeks via Reddit, Facebook & Twitter. Thanks and good luck to all those entering! The competition closes on August 31st – still time to get an entry together!