Closure of Pool Live Tour


After an incredible 8 years and with a very heavy heart we have to announce the closure of Pool Live Tour on 31.3. 2019. It’s been an amazing journey and we would like to thank you for being with us, for all the balls pocketed, the cues collected and the wonderful matches; it’s been a pleasure to have you. As this story comes to an end, let’s take a trip down the memory lane and look back on some of its history & best moments.

The predecessor of Pool Live Tour (PLT) was released over a decade ago in 2009. Its rework followed up in December 2010 and hit Facebook at a time when the games on the now largest social network were still a new thing. PLT was a game built on realistic pool physics and quickly grew in popularity among fans of solids and stripes. In 2013, a mobile version followed, so you could play your favourite pool game on the go.


PLT’s large range of available pool games, including eight-ball, nine-ball and even snooker, caught attention of more than 90 million players during its lifetime and provided daily enjoyment to more than 2 million players at the game’s peak. Check the stats below to see the incredible numbers of matches played & balls pocketed during PLT’s lifetime.


However, being out there for so long also had its drawbacks. It slowly became more and more difficult to maintain the game up to our high standards primarily as PLT was released 8 years ago using totally different technology to today’s industry standards. We tried to keep it alive for the loyal community but as the game’s technology got more and more outdated it became impossible for us to provide the players with a good player experience anymore. The decision to close this game was one of the hardest we had to make, since along with it we are closing one of the most important chapters in Geewa’s history.



The original PLT greatly outlived its follow ups, Pool Live Tour 2 and Pool Live Tour: Champions and we are grateful for all the players, experiences and fun it brought. We learned from it as much as we could and hey, part of its legacy lives on in our other games that are using and in the future will use the pool physics we created!

Every story has an end, and to all of those who enjoyed our game, we want to thank you very much for being a part of our pool journey, for your support and all the time & fun you had playing our game.

Please note that the payments will be disabled on 31.1. 2019 and the servers will be shut down on 31.3. 2019.