Board Game Night: Storytellers & Cutthroats edition


Have you ever heard of Senet? Probably not. This was one of, if not the, earliest board games ever created. It was played in Ancient Egypt and consisted of a board comprised of a grid of boxes that you navigated two pawns on. While board games have changed and expanded much in the past 5500 years or so, what hasn’t is the sheer joy, excitement, and social interaction that this form of gaming brings to players.

Don’t get us wrong, here at Geewa we love our video games, but there is something truly unique about getting together with some friends and colleagues, sharing some drinks and laughs, and immersing yourself in a board game. From the various game mechanics, to the unique social engagement, board games give us something that video games just cannot duplicate.

With that zeal and passion we recently took up making table-top gaming nights a part of the regular ritual here at Geewa. With this new blog series we want to not just give you a peak into the fun we had during these times, which was a lot, but also expose you to some of these great games so you can indulge in the awesome hobby of board gaming as well. Trust us, if you’re not a fan of board games yet you will soon be!

With all of that said, we invite you to sit back, relax, and take a look at Geewa’s inaugural Board Game Night!


Imagination is the key to the very unique and fun social game, Dixit. In this game you’re tasked with describing beautifully illustrated cards by crafting stories and clues and having other players figure out which particular card you’re describing. The key is that you can’t have ALL or NONE of the players guess your card or you won’t gain any points. Stay a bit cryptic, while being somewhat precise to get some of the players guessing correctly and you’re on your way to victory.

The fun of this game lies in the sheer creative nature of the stories you have to create. Our Geewanians went towards descriptions that ranged from one word, to a five minute story. From something extremely strange, to something out of a fairy tale. That’s the beauty of the game – it takes on a different form each time you play it since everyone has their own imagination and ways of telling a story.

“It’s just a great way to share some drinks with your friends or colleagues and have a laugh.”

“It’s funny how the game really takes on the personality of the players,” said Pavel, with a laugh. He continued, “Some of us are silly or maybe a bit vulgar and the descriptions we came up with really brought out our personalities.” Sometimes you’re quite surprised with what’s hiding in the mind of that colleague sitting across from you… for better, or for worse!

“Being in HR I love the fact that this game allowed us to see other sides of the people we work with,” said Sona, Geewa’s HR Manager. She continued, “Maybe sides we didn’t WANT to see! Some of the stories… [Laughs] It’s better left unsaid!”

Pavel, the eventual winner, summed up Dixit well: “It’s not a very challenging game and I don’t think it’s meant to be. It’s just a great way to share some drinks with your friends or colleagues and have a laugh.”


Lords of Waterdeep

Lies, influence, and control are your allies as you push your claim to be the best of all of the Lords of Waterdeep. Don’t be scared off by the seemingly complex game setup or the Dungeons and Dragons world, this game is a perfect mix of strategy and accessibility that has new and experienced players enjoying it equally.

The game takes a unique twist on the old Dungeon & Dragons/RPG mechanic of being the adventurer going on a grand quest and instead puts you as one of the elite vying for control of the city of Waterdeep. How do you accomplish this task? Collect victory points by sending warriors, thieves, clerics, and wizards on quests and subvert your opponents by blocking their movements and playing “Intrigue” cards.

“At least he played the role of a cutthroat bastard well!”

The core mechanic of the game involves you assigning your agents to various buildings and gathering the respective resources to help you complete your agenda. With that you can also purchase new buildings to help further your cause, bribe officials to help you navigate the city, and complete certain quests that provide on-going benefits. It’s a game that’s not only thought-provoking, but also, apparently, personality-provoking.

Being associated with the classic role-playing game has an interesting effect as witnessed by one of the players, Nikola. “It was really funny. Martin just started talking in this strange voice as he looked at all of his options.” She continued, “Messing us up was one thing, but to do it in character was like rubbing salt on the wound. At least he played the role of a cutthroat bastard well!”

Unlike a game like Dixit, Lords of Waterdeep provides a deeper level of strategy where you’re trying to maximize your opportunities while constantly looking over your shoulder. “You can’t get get too comfortable or plan TOO far ahead,” said Martin, the proclaimed cutthroat. “All the other players are lurking, ready to strike and disrupt your plans. I, myself, may have been guilty of that a few times.”

Despite the challenges, the game provides a rewarding and fun experience regardless of the result. “I loved it!” said the winning Lord of Waterdeep, Maxim. “Of course winning helped, but at least I didn’t stab everyone in the back in the process!” Here’s looking at you Martin!

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