Why advertise on Geewa?

Advertising with Geewa puts you in touch with our large online social gaming community from all around the world. On average, our players are more engaged than those who play single- player games and we see around 10 million monthly players from over 150 countries!


In contrast to the standard PPC campaigns set to the side of the screen, your ad will be in the player’s field of vision.

Variety of Ad spots

You can select a traditional banner, video box, or brand the game. You can even become a sponsor of our much-loved virtual currency.


From choice of country, to age or gender, your campaign can be customized to target the players you want to target. We will meet your needs!


Our priority is to have happy and returning customers. We are flexible and open to your requirements.

Demographics — Total Users

Male 76 %
24 %
33 %
13 %
3.9 %
1.2 %
1 %
13 — 17
18 — 24
25 — 34
35 — 44
45 — 54
Female 24 %
7.8 %
9.9 %
3.8 %
1.6 %
0.58 %
0.35 %

Facebook inventory

728×90 below the game

This ad placement is located below the game frame and reaches all our players. This is a good position for a brand/image campaign.


300×250 after the game

Single item displayed after the game ends. Easy to upgrade to a bigger frame with video. Players are reached in between activities and are more likely to focus on the ad content. Good for conversions.


League Branding

Do you want to have your brand/product visible during a weekly league? Do you want to sponsor prizes for winners and become a beloved brand for our players? We can do that.


Coins/Cues Sponsorship

Our players can play with a powerful cue of your brand, or receive Pool Coins with your compliments. All will boost their gameplay to the next level.


Mobile inventory

Pool table branding

This ad placement is located below the game frame and reaches all our players. This is a good position for a brand/image campaign…


Cue sponsorship

Put your brand on the pool table and be visible during the whole match session. Don’t just be present around the game, get right inside it.




CPM Star

Geewa is one of our international Publishers. Working with them has always been a smooth and pleasurable experience.





In all of our campaigns, Geewa as a media platform has proved its efficiency due to the great ratio between achieved brand effect, cost of effective reach and CTR/CPC through use of non-standard large ad formats or conversion effective Post-rolls. We also appreciate the very flexible, quick-response approach of the Geewa sales team.

Daniel Kafka

Fragile media



We are delighted to partner with this very innovative campaign in Turkey, which offers free fun & experiences with the leading game in Turkey: Pool Live Tour. Pool Live Tour’s audience directly matches with Pepsi’s young male target and the results proved that too. Even in the early stages of the campaign, thousands of Pepsi codes had been used every day by Pepsi & Pool Live Tour fans meaning lots of extra fun for everyone. The more Pepsi codes you collect, the better the game gets! We’re happy that it’s not only a promotion, but also a very strong engagement tool that connects us to the players. There’s no better way to engage a gamer than with this fun campaign!

Gozde Kutuk – Brand Manager




Geewa is your ideal medium for successful ad reach. Updating campaigns is fast and painless. We have really enjoyed working with Geewa and look forward to many more successful campaigns in the future.

Andrea Petráková

Studio Moderna

DSNR Media Group

DSNR Media Group

Working with Petr (Geewa) is a great pleasure. A dedicated and a professional account manager with great abilities to focus on a campaign execution and optimization.
I’m very pleased with this partnership and the campaign results and wishing to expand the partnership for the long run.

Zohar Nezri




For Pokerstars.net, we are using a wide range of media for advertising and Geewa is one of the best. They have a lot of passionate players playing poker for free, which matches well with our target group. They are also flexible in running non-standard ads and are always listening to our needs.

Ondrej Drebota

CZ/SK consultant for Pokerstars.net

Dignity agency


I am working with Geewa for a couple of years and I am happy with their flexibility and customer service. Results are good, reporting works, all of which makes our clients happy too.

Kamil Koupý

Dignity agency